Oct 30, 2009

The Man They Could Not Hang

Boris pulls it off with his great magneticism and superb voice.
The movie takes a strange twist towards the middle where he imprisons several people in his house and tells them over a loudspeaker that he intends to kill them off one at a time every fifteen minutes. 
Check out some great Karloff photos here.

Oct 28, 2009

Premiere set at Audie's Olympic

My first night DJing at a new club. Had an outstanding night with lots of rewarding feedback. Looking forward to building the night as a staple of quality rock and soul in this godforsaken town.
Stay tuned for halloween mix very soon, just need to slice and dice into tracks.
Dj Dinobyte.

Ghost Ship

Val Lewton.
The mute sailor sharpening his knife.
Loose hook, anchor chain scenes.
Gripping knife fight.
Talky at points.
Same sweet voiced Caribbean singer from I Walked with a Zombie.
Great atmosphere and genuine psychological suspense.  Intense script, Val Lewton really worked hard on his films.  RKO Radio pictures has a major laurel on it's crown with this one. Film students take note... for the sake of quality cinema goddamn it...

Lime Cilantro Ground Beef Tacos

1lb ground beef at least 15% fat
3 limes (juice and pulp)
1/2 white onion
1/2 large red bell pepper
2 Jalapenos
1 Serrano
1 Habanero
Rooster Sauce
Sea Salt
Red Pepper Flakes

Finely dice all vegetables. Saute Onions red pepper flakes in a small amount of oil. Add jalapenos. Add ground beef. Cook & remove contents, but leave liquid in pan. Add remaining ingredients (not the cilantro) and cook well. When well done return meat to pan. Add cilantro and lime juice & pulp.  Stir well. Add rooster sauce and salt to taste.
Heat Corn tortillas in a small amount of oil.
Garnish with cilantro leaves. I also add prepped fajita veggies and sour cream. No cheese please.

Oct 22, 2009

The Fearless Vampire Killers

Awkward slapstick Polanski film with moments of beauty and humor. Otherwise, kind of tiresome. Strong start but laspes quickly.  Some outstanding camera work.  Consistent and utter failure on the part of the protagonists frustrates me to no end. Beautiful shot of vampire on cannon fortification.  Polanski's odd sexual humor.  Sharon Tate looks great as a red headed Transylvanian village girl.
Written, directed, & starring Polanski.1967.

Sweet Peppers

One medium Onion
Three Medium/Small Sweet Bell Peppers, Ideally different colors. Red, orange, and green are a nice combination.
Two Jalapeno Peppers
Two small Serrano Peppers
One Habanero Pepper
Diced Cilantro
Hot Red Pepper Flakes

Heat Olive Oil. Add red pepper flakes. When color seeps into oil, add onions. Saute for a few minutes, then add black pepper and serranos. Add Jalapenos, habaneros, saute 3 minutes.  Add more olive oil, then add sweet peppers and cilantro. Stir often. Do not overcook or you'll have a soggy mess.
Mix with chicken, scrambed eggs, sausage, cubed steak, chorizo, etc.

Oct 18, 2009

Yeah I'm gonna put cat videos on here too.

Don't be a prude and watch the whole thing.

Oct 16, 2009

Halloween Mix coming soon...

I've been getting way, way, way too into spooky halloween rock and soul this year.
It's fun stuff.
I've been making great progress on my halloween party mix. It's a raucous, swirling, mind melting, terror inducing freak out.  And you, my friends, will be the first to hear it. It's a doozy, and I have many many people to thank for source material and inspiration.  Most importantly, I'd like to give a big nod to the Rev. Frost over at spread the good word. His mixes are the most amazing things I've heard in ages. Go check em out and shake your bloody butts off.

Oct 15, 2009

White Zombie

Interesting atmosphere and special effects. Creative composites. Bela's eyes... Bela's curious combed eyebrows. Sort of a creepy fu man chu dracula. Bela's strange mood swings, dour one moment then gleeful the next. Uneven performances all around.
Great carriage driver.
Reminiscent of a silent film with awful sound. Apparently unrestorable.
Nude woman in poster, not nude in film.

Oct 13, 2009

13 Frightened Girls!

13 Frightened Girls (1963) William Castle

I haven't seen many William Castle films, but I think I can safely say this isn't your typical Castle sort of movie. I found 13 Frightened Girls to be a fun, light suspense flick. Bits of suspense and campy plot and action really round it out. An engaging teenage caper for wholesome 60's teens. The title is a bit misleading as only one girl gets frightened on a regular basis. The 13 girls (from 13 different countries - turns out they are "contest winners" according to the trailer) are daughters of diplomats and world leaders and attend an exclusive school for girls.  There's an interesting international element and when you add in their thick accents and awkward acting you get great camp potential. But alas, most hardly get any screen time, which is a bit of a shame. This is not a horror film by any means, like you might expect from castle, but rather a sort of teenage spy suspense fantasy. That isn't to say there arent moments of reasonably intense terror, of which there are a few surprising scenes given the innocent Parent Trap sort of tone of the film. Castle acheives some genuine suspense and seat squirming with some elegantly simple techniques, like throwing cats from off screen and dangling teenage girls over meathooks. The lead actress is perfect for the role and has a great set of lungs for all the screaming she gets to do.
I enjoyed the 1963 London locations and fashions. Lavish color and not a dull moment, except for the tennis match. A fellow viewer old enough to know noted the "great vigor" line was probably a reference to President Kennedy's popular phrase.

Original Trailer with cat throwing action! I'd turn it off after the cat, there are some light spoilers.

Danger: Diabolik Wallpaper

Wallpaper I cropped from a gorgeous Danger: Diabolik poster.
Fits 15" macbooks nicely.
This epic Italian crime fantasy was featured in the final MST3K episode, but don't miss the uncut original version. Duh.

Here I Am

Be afraid, for my eye beams and lusty grabbing hands are barely within my control. Now that I have been loosened upon the blogosphere, no pinkly frocked redheads will escape my grasp.